McInroy & Wood

Lecture Sponsor

Family owned and run, McInroy & Wood is based in Haddington with offices in London and Harrogate and manages investments globally for private clients and charities, based in the UK and elsewhere.

Community is important to the firm which makes significant contributions to many causes in the arts, education, the environment and other community interests at a local, national and international level.

McInroy & Wood’s philanthropic efforts rely on its commitment to working in partnership with the organisations they help, to understand their needs and to build enduring relationships.

As ever, the annual McInroy & Wood Lecture will tackle issues that are thought-provoking and challenging but, just like their relationships, they stay with audiences long after the venue falls silent.  You can watch their previous lectures here.

Thank you, McInroy & Wood, for your unwavering support.

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McInroy & Wood