Martin Bell

Martin Bell

War and Peacekeeping: Personal Reflections on Conflict and Lasting Peace

Baillie Gifford Borders Book Festival Online 2020
Broadcast Date
Thursday 17 September

Martin Bell’s experience of war is peerless. As a reporter, he has covered conflicts in no fewer than eighteen war zones. In 1992 television viewers saw exactly how dangerous his work could be. While recording a piece to camera in Sarajevo, Martin was seriously wounded by shrapnel, some of which he still carries around.

He is uniquely qualified to meditate on the cycle of war across the world as conflicts flare in an apparently ceaseless cycle. What can be done? How can this cycle be broken? This book reflects on these questions.

Martin also reflects on the decline in the objective quality of news reporting, the rise of bias, the promulgation of lies and what are labelled ‘alternative facts’. His passion and integrity are fabled and this book has already been hailed as ‘thought-provoking and hard-hitting’, just like the author himself.

Martin will talk to Allan Little, another distinguished reporter who has found himself in the chaos of the world’s war zones.

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