Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway – Stories We Tell Ourselves

Making Meaning in a Meaningless Universe

Baillie Gifford Borders Book Festival Online 2020
Broadcast Date
Sunday 16 August

With his Waiting for the Last Bus, Richard Holloway meditated on what has become close to a taboo subject. Now in his ninth decade, he used his own impending death, the last bus, as a brilliantly effective context for a superbly written, highly readable and even funny book. And mercifully, he has survived to produce another piece of excellent non-fiction!

In his new Stories We Tell Ourselves, he tries to make sense of the lives we have lived by looking at how we have explained the world to ourselves through the centuries. It is a tour de force, wonderfully well expressed, of everyday philosophising.

What characterises Richard’s writing is not only lucidity and his access to a lifetime’s worth of lightly worn learning, it is his humanity and kindness. In this remarkable book, the reader feels that the author has taken them by the hand and guided them through millennia of philosophical and moral complexity – and done it with a smile, and even sometimes a hug.

Richard talks to Sally Magnusson.

photo credit: Colin Hattersley-Smith

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