Make Your Own Rockpool with Jill Calder

Suitable for all ages

Baillie Gifford Borders Book Festival Online 2020
Broadcast Date
Sunday 12 July

Celebrating the rockpool pages in her popular children’s book The Sea, illustrator Jill Calder will take you on a creative journey into the colourful, miniature world of the tidal rock pool. Grab your bucket and net and go for a virtual guddle with Jill, who will inspire you to draw amazing creatures and tiny predators, then teach you to illustrate and make your very own picture book!

Jill will read and show illustrations from The Sea. She’ll then demonstrate how to draw a rockpool scene and convert that into a unique folded picture book, using simple materials that viewers will have on hand at home – A4 or A3 paper, scissors, drawing materials and pencil.

This workshop event is suitable for all ages and great fun for the whole family.

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