Wes Streeting

venue Harmony Marquee
date Saturday 15 June
time 3:45 pm
ticket prices £16 | £14


The prominent Labour MP and Shadow Health Secretary has written an inspirational childhood memoir that highlights the importance of family, the value of education and the difficulties of escaping the poverty trap that ensnares so many. One Boy, Two Bills and a Fry Up: A Memoir of Growing Up and Getting On is beautifully written. Wes grew up on a council estate in Stepney in East London and might well have ended up in prison rather than parliament. The book also points out the life-enhancing power of education. Encouraged by a series of inspirational teachers, Wes won a place at Cambridge University and found his political vocation as President of the National Union of Students. Elected in 2015, he has never forgotten where he came from and the lessons from his background inform everything he does in politics.

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