The McInroy & Wood Lecture:
Kate Bingham & Tim Hames

venue Cullen Kilshaw Marquee
date Saturday 17 June
time 2:00 pm
ticket prices £14 | £12

The Long Shot: The Inside Story of the Race to Vaccinate Britain is much more than a first draft of history. It is compelling, accessible and an edge of the seat account of how British innovators vaccinated the UK in an amazingly short time. On 3rd April 2020, the likelihood of producing an effective Covid vaccine was 15% at best. By 8th December of that year, the first NHS patient had been vaccinated. The Long Shot reveals how a small, dedicated team, under one woman’s tenacious leadership, achieved a scientific miracle. Working from a cottage miles from Westminster, Kate Bingham juggled suppliers, Whitehall, the media circus, political manoeuvres and administrative meddling to pull off something remarkable. This is an unmissable session about something that affected all of us deeply. Chaired by Michael Moore.


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