Robert Peston:
How Do We Get Out of this Mess?

venue Harmony Marquee
date Saturday 15 June
time 12:15 pm
ticket prices £16 | £14


Robert Peston and Kishan Koria’s book Bust? is both a pithy and appropriate title, as they try to understand what has happened to Britain over the last two decades. Subtitled Saving the Economy, Democracy and Our Sanity, it relates an unprecedented sequence of problems: a pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, growing tension with China, the increasing resistance to globalisation and the unwelcome return of inflation and painful interest rates. The world as we know it has been shattered. But despite this, Robert is optimistic and writes, “Confidence in our institutions has been undermined by leaders who have an uncomfortable relationship with the truth and an economy that has mainly served the richest. It’s time to abandon pessimism and look for answers.”

Photo © Jason-Dimmock

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