Karine Polwart & Kate Leiper:
The Queen of the Birds

venue BSW Group Big Top
date Sunday 19 June
time 2:00 pm
age 4-8
ticket price £6


After a big storm, the Kingdom of Birds is looking for a leader. Will it be the bird with the loveliest song, or the brightest plumage? The fastest in the air, or underwater? And will it take just one mighty bird or a fantastic team? All across the sky, birds are flocking together. Nightingales and Robins. Barn Owls and Blackbirds. Curlews and Cuckoos. Herons and Hoopoes. And the Eagle and Wee Jenny Wren. Let the contest begin! Writer and folk musician Karine Polwart and illustrator Kate Leiper bring to life this vivid story of leadership and resilience, diversity and collaboration. Using storytelling and song, visualisation and sound, creative movement and fun quizzes, it’s suitable for 4 to 8 year olds and their families and friends.

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