Jo Caulfield

venue Cullen Kilshaw Marquee
date Sunday 16 June
time 7:00 pm
ticket prices £14 | £12


The Funny Thing About Death is a laugh-out-loud memoir of two unconventional sisters that is not afraid to ask big questions about life and death, love and loss. Jo was about to go onstage at the beginning of a national comedy tour when she was told that her sister, Annie, had cancer. Not a great start, but the tour turned out to be a welcome distraction. As Jo reports back from various hotels and service stations, the sisters revisit their childhood and adolescence while navigating Annie’s illness, learning through trial and error how to best behave when someone you love gets ill. Like her stand-up act, Jo’s caustic wit and razor-sharp observations make her account of life with her sister, even in the worst of times, as entertaining as it is touching.

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