Janey Godley

venue Harmony Marquee
date Saturday 15 June
time 5:30 pm
ticket prices £16 | £14


The comedy legend and national treasure shares her remarkable life with candour and humour as she faces cancer head-on. In Janey: The Woman That Won’t Shut Up, she reveals the impact on her of a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Defiance. Even though she was in treatment, a new tour went ahead. It was billed as Not Dead Yet. “Frank, get the door” became one of the very few funny lines to come out of the pandemic as Janey made the locked down nation laugh with her imaginative voice-overs of Nicola Sturgeon’s press conferences. Finding humour in dark moments is only one of her talents. Inspiring, funny, open-hearted, Janey is a life force and her superb comedy gifts give us all so much. They confirm why we’ll never want her to shut up.

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