Hella Pick

venue Cullen Kilshaw Marquee
date Sunday 19 June
time 3:45 pm
ticket prices £13 | £11

Invisible Walls: A Journalist in Search of Her Life is the long, rich and unique story of a Holocaust survivor who escaped on one of the last Kindertransport trains to come to Britain in 1939. Hella became a great, even legendary, journalist and her memoir is packed with vivid detail of her reporting adventures, from the newly independent African states of the late 1950s, through the USA of the turbulent 1960s, on through the Cold War and into the uncertain age of populist promise-makers. All is told with a keen intelligence and relentless dedication to the facts. Invisible Walls offers a unique perspective and there can be no better manifesto against the current clickbait culture and narcissistic social media obsession. This voice from before the age of Facebook and Twitter is profound and urgent. Chaired by James Naughtie.

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