Event includes very occasional use of strong language

Darren McGarvey

venue Cullen Kilshaw Marquee
date Saturday 18 June
time 4:45 pm
ticket prices £13 | £11

The Social Distance Between Us gets to the root of one of Britain’s biggest problems. Darren believes that a ravine cuts through this country, partitioning the powerful from the powerless, the vocal from the voiceless and the fortunate from those too often forgotten. The problem is stark: for generations a select group of people with very limited experience of social inequality have been charged with discussing and debating it. That means Britain has a chronic, long-distance relationship with reality. In this well-argued analysis, Darren not only clearly identifies the problems, but he also writes about how we can do more towards tackling them. Chaired by Chris Brookmyre.

Photo © Steven Reynolds

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