Alistair Moffat

venue Sir Walter Scott Marquee
date Thursday 4 November
time 2:00 pm
ticket prices £15 | £13

The land has memory. Places whisper the stories of the past. In The Secret History of Here, Alistair listens to the history of his little farm near Selkirk. In the Deer Park, a hill of rough pasture, he found an Ogham Stone dating to the 5th or 6th century and fieldwalkers have picked up flint arrowheads six or seven thousand years old. Roman armies marched past his boundary and in 1301 Edward I of England led his men through Moffat’s fields. This is a story of one place, but also of every place. History lies all around us and all that’s needed to read it is curiosity.

Photo © Andrew Cawley

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