Alistair Moffat:
The Highlands and Islands of Scotland

venue BSW Group Marquee
date Saturday 15 June
time 3:45 pm
ticket prices £14 | £12


This sweeping new history of the Highlands, Hebrides and the Northern Isles by Alistair Moffat opens with the unique geological drama of the landscapes which controlled where and how people farmed, hunted, fished and therefore lived. This epic book moves from Orkney as capital of Britain to the Highland Clearances and the romancing of the Highlands, telling us about the coming of the Gaelic language, the art of the Picts, Jacobitism and the heroism of the clans – and all in a new way. There are also some telling moments where stories of individuals enrich the book which ends with an upbeat sense of renewal ahead for the north.

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